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Xspec 26 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike Bicycle Trail Commuter Shimano Black Review

It is always the desire of everybody to have outdoor fun. One of the best ways of doing this is by having a mountain bike that you can always ride around as you wish.

Unlike other moving machines such as a car or a motorcycle, a mountain bike is fun, easy to ride and above all requires less maintenance.

If you intend to do light trail riding you are obviously looking for a good sturdy mountain bike. With so many bikes in the market, how will one actually have the best?

​It may be a challenge hitting at the best bike out there, one that is worth every single coin spent. This is why I have taken my time to come to the rescue of those who are new or beginners in bike adventure.

If you are a beginner and wondering where to start from, then start with the Xspec 26” 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike that is crafted by the renowned Xspec Bike Manufacturers. The Xspec 26” is packed with incredible features that will enable you to elevate your biking experience to a higher level.

One great feature of this enviable model that I can’t afford to go silent on is the foldable design that allows the user to store the bike in the trunk of the car or stand it in the corner of the office.

Who Can Use the Xspec 26” Commuter Shimano Bike

​The bike is made for all the trail hitters provided your weight is below 220lb. It is designed for basic commuting and handles a number of unfriendly terrains. However, it is highly recommended for riders whose height range is 5’3”-6’0”. It is suitable for office workers, students, and those commuting in the neighborhood or urban environment.

​Main Features of Xspec 26” Commuter Shimano Bike

​The Xspec 26” 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike beats the rest because of its exceptional high-quality and modern features that will drive any bike enthusiast crazy. No matter your needs, this bike has all you need to explore your biking adventure. These features are discussed below.

​High Tensile Foldable Frame

​Thanks to Xspec for this incredible innovation that enable bike enthusiasts to take their bike wherever they wish. Featuring a tensile frame with SL-TX30 shifter and the RD-TZ50 Rear Derailleur, this bike allows the user to fold it up in less than 15 seconds and store it in a car trunk, closet or even stand it in a corner of the office. You no longer have to invest in bike locks that can disappoint you. The brilliant foldable design enhances portability of the great Xspec 26” 21 Speed mountain bike.

​Efficient Gearing and Braking System

​The Xspec 26” cruiser has an excellent SL-TX30 gearing system that allows you to cruise at the speed of your own choice and slow down using the disc brakes. You can, therefore, cruise on any trail knowing that everything is under control.

​Exceptional Suspension

​The front and the rear shock absorbers ensure that your ride is smooth all through. The Shimano Trail Commuter has a suspension system that is engineered to absorb all the bumps along the rough terrain. Comfort is also enhanced by the excellent suspension.

​High-Quality 26” Alloy Wheels

​If you are looking for a bike that will offer a full performance in cornering and shredding then the Xspec 26” Shimano is the trail commuter that has it all. The high-grade 26” wheels provide excellent traction and are durable. Riding on these wheels will be a breeze on a number of terrains.

Pros and Cons


  • Amazing Suspension;
  • Brilliant foldable design, no tools required;
  • Tensile frame;
  • 26” High-grade tires with outstanding traction;
  • Modern Disc-brakes;


  • The seat will require extra cushioning;
  • Slightly heavy;

Additional Features of Xspec 26” Commuter Shimano Bike

  • Streamlined frame design suitable for office workers, students, and casual commuters;
  • Unique folding petals;
  • High-tensile foldable frame;
  • Unique disc brakes;
  • Front and rear shock absorbers;
  • Shimano SL-TX30 Shifter and RD-TZ50 Rear Derailleur;

Final Verdict & Recommendation:

Bike riding is both an exciting and enjoyable activity that everyone loves. Everybody prioritizes quality whenever looking for a mountain bike. The Xspec 26” 21 Speed Mountain Bike tops the list when sturdy construction and performance are taken into consideration.

It is crafted to offer an amazing riding experience to school, office or commuting around the neighborhood. I highly recommend it anyone looking for a quality mountain bike that will handle a range of terrains.

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