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The Reasons Why We Love How To Build A Mountain Bike

How to build a mountain bike

When the bicycle craze becomes the main hobby you are going to buy a new bike, there would be a question what is better either to buy a bike in the store or how to build a mountain bike yourself.

Buying a bicycle is just one of the options of its purchase. It is also possible to build bicycle of the separately produced parts. What is the advantage? This assembly provides a guarantee that a bicycle will not have any substandard or undesirable parts. Thus, the cyclist gets exactly what he wants. Let’s consider the items that make up the bicycle.


How to build your own “iron friend”?

Although it is worth to notice, that building the bike with your hands is suitable only to an experienced rider, who develops certain preferences. And building is also more time consuming and requires assembly skills.

In this helpful article you can learn more about the various parts of the bike. Then it will be easier to choose the type of an element. It can also help you in assembling your own bike.

Knowing what is in the bike and what are these or other parts is very useful even if you do not plan to collect the bike yourself. This is useful if, for example, you may want to change something in your bike.

An Opinion of enthusiastic bikers is to collect!

Here are some benefits of how to build a mountain bike

how to build a mountain bike


The advantage of the assembly is the fact that new parts can be mixed with those that have already been used. For example, if there are some good parts from the previous bike, you can use them.

In fact, the self-assembly has a lot of advantages. But, as it was mentioned above, the main thing that unites all the advantages is that the bike will be exactly that you need. And such model of the bike you will not see from a friend or a neighbour!

Manual assembly and settings are far better.

By the way, this implies a more positive point of assembly. It is a better implementation of the work as a whole. Manual assembly and subsequent adjustment will be made with much higher quality than it would have been made at the factory. Notice how the Internet users constantly complain about the shoddy building. It has been written that it is easy to find outstanding work in the new bike, despite its cost.

It is not right to blame for this the stores. But on the contrary, the most important aspect, during assembly of the bicycle, is the quality of the work. But again, the customer pays for it. Then what is the reason that the majority of bikes are still selling in assembled form?
The reason is in the disadvantages, which self-assembly option also has.

One of the important things is the price. If you are collecting bike yourself, you can not save! The manufacturer pays for bike components another price than the store or retail buyer does. There are even the same parts of bicycle but made in different ways for different buyers. For this reason, you remain a loser at the stage of purchase. Therefore, again, an assembly has a higher price.

Another reason is the supposed complexity of the work, and, above all, the selection of components and solution of the problem of their compatibility. That is why it is better to ask professional about assembly! To carry out the installation is not so simple as it may seem if you want all the components work for a long time. Experience of the human, who will be engaged in the bicycle assembly, is crucial. An important detail is the tool by which the assembly is done. Only keys and special models of pullers (that are very expensive) will provide an opportunity to work out all the details and install parts with high quality and without any damage.

Returning to the choice of components, it is important to warn you that this question can not be trusted to the seller in the shop. Most often, these are people who had never seen your bike , and sometimes they are even incompetent in matters of this nature! If you decide to collect a bike on your own, you should know perfectly well what you need to do. If you have decided to entrust the assembly to a professional you need to trust him both the selection of components and building. And you have only to tell your wishes, and to say what you would like to see as a result. But if you still want to buy something on your own, be sure to consult with a mechanic! Ask him to write on the paper the required parameters! These parameters should be announced in a store as a password.


The another question is how to maintain a mountain bike?


How often should you wash your bike? Much depends on the weather and the terrain where you ride.

If it is rain and slush, you need to wash you bike after returning from a trip. If the weather is dry and you are riding in the city – you should wash it once in 2-3 months. But it is necessary to wash the bike immediately after arrival in a warm room in winter until the snow and ice began to melt. If your bike was in a serious alteration it is important to know that when you are washing it, you should not be afraid of pouring water on its details. Strong water pressure is good for washing.

You are not allowed to take the recently washed bike to the street in winter. Frozen water, extending inside the mechanisms, can damage it. You can dry the bike with the hairdryer or just wipe it with a cloth. Incidentally cloth is the most popular tool for the cyclist.

The easiest way for lazy people is to wash the bike in the car wash. Just make the compressor pressure less – and you can start. There is the opportunity to immediately wash it with shampoo, and then simply wash off with clean water. Total process takes 2-3 minutes. After this procedure it is great to wipe bike with cloth and to lubricate it. Later, however, it is a pity to ride on it – it’s very clean.

Remember, a clean bike is the first step of having a serviceable bike.

In conclusion, it should be said that every man has the right to choose how he will make the purchase of the bicycle. It can be only noticed that people who have been riding seriously for many years, do not use the full serial bike model.

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