Is How To Be A Mountain Biker The Most Trending Thing Now?

How many times have you wanted to be a mountain biker? How many times have you looked at these steep riders who overcome the mountains one by one?How many times have you wanted to be one of them, but experienced a lot of doubts? Every time you do not know where to start. This article can not make a miracle and make a steep rider from you at once. But the main advice that it contains is that you should just start. As soon as you begin to move toward your goal, the possibilities will begin to appear one after another. Just try to find like-minded people who also like you want to ride in the mountains, enjoy the air of freedom and to feel nice adrenaline rush.

Do you want to know How To Be A Mountain Biker?

All fans of the bicycle can be divided into two groups. The first group usually consists of young people who prefer speed and masterly control of the bike. However, many of them reach very impressive success – in fact very few people are being left indifferent looking at boys and girls, jumping several meters high with steep jumps, coming down on an intricate track, that are full off turns and jumps, or with extraordinary ease checking in on the meter platforms and overcoming randomly created obstacles.

The second group are cyclists who prefer to devote their free time traveling. To bike tour can be equally attributed both short-day itineraries in the suburbs, and very complex multi-day hikes. The most massive cycling trips are one-day trips. Otherwise they are called “weekend trips”. The reason that cyclists go to these trips is likely to be an irresistible desire to see something new, enjoy nature and the feeling of freedom, which your favourite bike gives to you.

And there is always the question: “How to start mountain biking?”. For initiation to cycling is not necessary to enter into a special club. Especially, if you are not going to engage in serious multi-day bike tour, and just want to try yourself in the by-night. It is enough to have desire to start.

To make it easier to climb hills you should think like a mountain racer.

But just the right thoughts are not enough to conquer the mountain tops. You have to understand that a lot depends on how much you are prepared physically. And, not at least, you have to have the correct and necessary information concerning tactics. So try to know as much as you can about the area that you want to conquer.

So, are we talking about how to be a mountain biker and mountain biking? Well then, there is something useful for you in this article.

Three keys to improving the drive up the mountain:

  • mental attitude;
  • an optimal body weight;
  • correct tactics.

Greg LeMond advises (three times winner of the Tour de France, twice world champion among professionals, the American legend): “Most of the drivers perceive the rise of the hill as the heavier. You have to change your mental attitude to be a good mountain racer.”

You may have asked yourself – “What should I do?”.

Let’s just get one thing – not everything depends on your thoughts. The genetic ability, fitness and power / weight ratio are much more important. But the psychological mood also plays a role: when you see that the road shoots up, your attitude changes, and this applies not only results but also moral satisfaction.

Here’s how you can make yourself think in the right way:

Choose the mountain!

If you have a choice between flat and hilly road, which one will you choose for knowing how to be a mountain biker? Most drivers will automatically think of a flat as a billiard table road.

Throw this habit. Two or three times a week, choose to travel so hilly road, which you can find. In order to get a good ride up the mountain, you have to go uphill.

how to be a mountain_biker

Note milestones!

Imagine  long way to the top of 3-mile (4.5 km) ascent. Even good mountain riders can be scared when they compare their efforts with the remaining distance. It is heart-wrenching to think about such a difficult job even for 10 or 20 minutes. Instead, break the ascent in the number of segments. Tell yourself that you will support the pace until the next turn.

When you are there, set another goal – for example, “that tree” in a quarter of a mile ahead. Soon you will find yourself at the top. Just as a higher frequency of pedaling allows you to split the force into lighter pieces, the choice of intermediate objectives allows you to break the mental stress while lifting.

Ride with riders who are just a little bit better than you.

If you try to go up against the superior drivers, they will leave you far below. It’s cruel to your psyche. In addition, you can not learn from them, and to benefit from a joint drive when they are far ahead. Instead of trying to climb with really superior riders, find companions who are good enough to get you to work without knocking you out of a rut.

Most people do their best to go as fast as they can at the beginning of ascent, but in the end they just can no longer maintain the pace and also feel pain in the muscles. If you try to go to rise with faster riders in their rhythm, at first you will be able to follow their pace, but then you will strongly fall behind. The solution lies in the fact that you have to find your own rhythm for lifting and stick to it. In such case, you will be able not to become so tired so fast and you will lose less time.
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Motivate your own inner voice.

When there is a hill, what thoughts are coming to your mind? Do you think: “Oh no, the next hill!” or do you say to yourself, quietly and confidently, “I develop myself on the hills every day. I climb up this one to improve my abilities and become a little better.”?

Mental attitude can be stronger than gravity.

If you have a great desire for how to be a mountain biker, I can assure you  all the difficulties will go away! Do not give up, take your favorite bike and overcome the difficulties. Nobody is suffering from bruises for a long time, but you will suffer a lot more if you do not try. The main thing is just to do.

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