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Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310 Altus

Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310 ALTUS Full Suspenion 24 Speeds Folding Mens Mountain Bike

Folding mountain bikes are used for crude, heavy, and hard ridings.

Today, people are seeking for superior comfort whenever they purchase a product. If you can treat a mountain bike as a hand luggage, you will get complete freedom when you are traveling.

Thus, the concept of a highly efficient, and super-compact foldable bike catches fire.

Some of the benefits of foldable bikes are:

  • They have high resale value;
  • Allows cheap urban multi-modal travel;
  • Saves space at home and elsewhere;
  • Relatively thief proof;
  • Can easily transport;
  • Can accommodate in a suitcase;

However, you cannot fit all foldable bikes in a suitcase. Though, you can travel freely if you purchase a foldable bike. Here is an analysis of:

Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310 Altus (New Updated)

While searching for a mountain bike, everybody wants to get an absolute beast in this category.

If you also want to purchase such a stunning bike, you can surely purchase Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310 Altus (New Updated). Just look at the parts of this bike, it can really deliver on all fronts.

The Cyrusher FR100 is folding mountain bike is more than capable to deliver exceptional performance.

Offers Unmatched Performance Of Cyrusher FR100:

If you have enough knowledge to evaluate various folding mountain bikes, just analyze some superior brands. If you are an expert, you can easily realize that the Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310 Altus (New Updated) is one of the most outstanding models on the market.

When you unpack the product, you will be astonished by the stunning beauty of this bike. Without an iota of doubt, you can easily make out that this is the best-looking mountain bike around.

Even if you can find some models, most of them come with cheap components. They are also not great for off-road riding. This is absolutely a beast, and it can genuinely stand out among the other brands. Premium folding mountain bike market is not so wide.

But, if you purchase Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310 Altus (New Updated), it can perform exponentially well on and off-road. It can process a large number of speeds.

Thus, it enables you to ascend the hills rapidly. At the same time, it can also traverse along flat ground too.

The Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310 Altus (New Updated) has both front and rear derailleur, which is helpful for making a quick shift between gears.

It also has very little resistance, which is a big plus of this mountain bike.

Excellent Front and Rear Suspension Of Cyrusher FR100:

If you check Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310, you can easily make out that it comes with an excellent rear and front suspension.

In fact, the suspension of this bike is almost equal to some of the more expensive mountain bikes. The aluminum frame of this bike can withstand quite a beating. The disc brake of this bike is highly impressive.

These heavy duty brakes perform perfectly, so you will get perfect grip. The 26-inch tire is really impressive.

Pros and Cons


  • The Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310 is truly a stunning folding mountain bike;
  • Tires offer excellent grip;
  • Very comfortable while riding off-roads;
  • Exceptional shock absorption;
  • 24 gear speeds;


  • It is more expensive;
  • Quite large/heavy, so it is little difficult to carry;
  • Slow to fold away;

Frequently asked questions-

Q: Who can use Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310 Altus (New Updated)? 

A: The Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310 Altus (New Updated) is designed specifically for men.

But, women can also ride this bike if they are comfortable with men’s mountain bikes.
This bike is too heavy, so it may not be easy for women to carry it from one place to other.

Q: Where you can use this bike?

A: The Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310 Altus (New Updated) is manufactured for doing off-road mountain biking.

This is designed for crude, heavy, and hard rides.

Q: What is the rim size and weight of this bike?

A: The rim size of this bike is 26-inches. It weighs up to 37.48 pounds.

Final Verdict :

Overall, the Cyrusher FR100 Shimano M310 Altus (New Updated) is an impressive mountain bike even if the price is a little bit high.

However, it is totally justified because of unmatched qualities.

You can only find a very few mountain bikes in the market that can be compared with Cyrusher FR100. But, all of them are available in a similar price tag.

So, this is the best option if you really want to get the best folding mountain bike.

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