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best mountainbike wheels

Mountain bike wheels have a greater role in determining your riding quality.

If you want to perform well, you should change the wheels of your mountain bike after two seasons. The best mountain bike wheels can greatly improve your performance.

If you purchase the best MTB wheels, you can cover all the terrain very easily and effortlessly.

Mostly, mountain bike wheelsets are made from aluminum, which offers a great mix of weight. Wheel size and rim type are the two greatest factors that emerge in recent years.

The three major wheel sizes of MTB wheelsets are the smallest (26-inches), largest 29er’s and a halfway house. The size of the third one is placed between the two, which is 650b or 27.5-inches.

The best 29er wheelset also allows you greater performance.
You can pick the best product from the below-mentioned list.

How To Select The Best Mountain Bike Wheels?

26-inch Wheels

If the wheel size of your mountain bike is just 26-inches, it offers the lightest option and greatest stiffness. Smaller, light and stiff wheels enable you to accelerate up to maximum speed very quickly.

It will have only smaller rotational mass.
It has greater cornering ability.

Thus, it can pair with a narrow bar without sacrificing all the turning capabilities.

27.5-Inch Wheels

The 650b or 27.5-inch is the size between 26-inch and 29er mountain bike wheel.

These wheels offer you a great compromise between the two in terms of speed, handling, and weight.
The 650b mountain bike wheels are very popular because of its lightness and its ability to handle on twister trails.

But, it also offers improved rolling and traction capabilities.

29-inch Wheels

The 29er or 29-inch is the largest option for mountain bikes. Due to its longer spokes and larger rim, the weight of these wheels is a little bit high.

Therefore, you should apply more effort to pedal the wheels spinning.
These wheels have larger contact area.

Thus, it provides you an increased amount of traction.At the same time,
it has a larger circumference.

Due to these two features, the 29er is more efficient for rolling over bumpy grounds. They are also ideal for providing you a smooth riding feel when you ride on small obstacles such as ruts and roots.

Tubed or Tubeless?

If you are planning to select the best MTB wheels, you should also consider the rim type before selecting one. Tubeless and standard are the two types of mountain bike rims.

Both of them provide you a different feel.
Standard rims come with an inner tube.
This is the traditional way of setting up wheels for riding.

It has a simple design. You can fit the inner tube in just a few minutes.

If you are selecting a standard tube, the type pressure has a greater role while riding.
The tire pressure must be a little higher when you select a tubed setup.

It is essential for avoiding pinch punctures.
If the tire pressure is slightly higher, it will provide you a good rolling speed across the terrain.

Tubeless Rims

The tubeless rims offer you a different riding feel at less pressure.
The inner tube is removed with the advent of tubeless rims.

It allows you running your mountain bike at lower pressure without the fear of pinch punctures.
Thus, you will get a feel of much more traction.

Thus, these wheels can absorb properties over rough ground effectively.

Best Mountain Bike Wheels Review:

1/ Vuelta Zerolite MTB PRO (26-inch)

The VueltaZerolite MTB PRO mountain bike wheelset is highly affordable, stylish, smooth, sturdy, and lightweight.

These are rim brake wheels, which are perfect for upgrading every mountain bike enthusiast.

These mountain bike wheels provide you top-notch features, which is highly effective for amplifying your riding tenfold. Rear and front 24h black blades spokes are the additional features of this bike wheel.

Thus, this exceptionally built bike wheels are perfect for a sturdy ride. The cassette body of Vuelta Zerolite MTB PRO is compatible with 8,9 and 10-speed Shimano. Thus, it provides you a wide range of biking options.

The VueltaZerolite MTB PRO is a hand built wheelset, which is equipped with 26” carbon clincher double-walled rims.

They have nylon rim strips that are coated with urethane.

Sealed cartridge bearing hubs are the most important features of Vuelta Zerolite MTB PRO.
These are great for rim or disc brakes. These super smooth cartridge bearings help you to ride your mountain bike on all kinds of terrains.


  • Comes with 24h stainless bladed spoke;
  • ​26” double walled clincher rim;
  • ​Equipped with skewers;
  • ​Super smooth sealed cartridge bearing;
  • 8,9,10 speed Shimano compatible; 


  • The Vuelta Zerolite MTB PRO is free from annoying cons; 

2/ Sta-Tru STW 26 X 1.5 BO

TAre you searching for the best mountain bike wheels that offer you an unrivaled performance?

Then, you need not look further than Sta-Tru STW 26 X 1.5 BO. These mountain bike wheels are equipped with high-performing features.

Highest quality materials are used for manufacturing these bike wheels.

Shaded in silver, this rear mountain bike wheel is tested for durability. The Sta-Tru STW 26 X 1.5 BO is the preferred choice for expert riders around the world. It has a freewheel, 6-7 loose bearing hub.

Silver rim, silver spokes, and silver hub are the other peculiar features of this mountain bike wheel. It has 26.5mm wide alloy rims that come with 36 holes. Thus, it offers you maximum strength and durability. It has rear alloy bolt-on hub that uses 6-8 speed silver UCP spokes.


  • Manufactured by using highest-quality materials;
  • Extremely durable;
  • ​Offers maximum strength;
  • ​Provides uncompromising performance;


  • Sta-Tru STW 26 X 1.5 BO is the rear mountain bike wheel; 

3/ Diamondback DSK20 Rear Wheel

The Diamondback DSK20 is a disc specific bike rear wheel. Once you start using this rear mountain bike wheel, you will realize the stunning performance and durability of this Shimano compatible mountain bike wheel.

Even if your local riding condition is very bad, it performs perfectly well in all types of terrains. You can also ride your bike on wet and muddy terrain if you purchase the Diamondback DSK20 mountain bike wheel.

High-quality material is used for manufacturing the Diamondback DSK20.

It comes with a quick release axel, which offers you more comfort. The Diamondback DSK20 is a disc specific bike wheel, which offers you maximum strength.

The stronger material is used for manufacturing this disc.

Therefore, they are free from cracking. You can also use this mountain bike rear wheel in any kind of weather conditions. The Diamondback DSK20 allows you to ride your bike on muddy off-road tracks, wet and slippery trials, and even on ice and snow.

Diamondback DSK20 is a 26-inch mountain bike wheel, which can be used any terrains or weather conditions. You can maintain the quality of this rear wheel even if you use it in wet terrain frequently. The wetness will not affect the efficiency of your mountain bike if you use Diamondback DSK20. It has a double wall alloy rim and 8,9,10 speed hub.


  • Comes with quick release axel;
  • The double wall alloy rim offers more durability;
  • ​It is Shimano compatible;
  • The Diamondback DSK20 is disc compatible;


  • The Diamondback DSK20 is free from disadvantages; 

4/ GravityWorx Coyote33

The GravityWorx Coyote33 mountain bike wheels are designed for professional mountain bikers. This is the best asymmetric carbon fiber wheel set for your mountain bike. It is ideal for saving significant time and power.

Carbon wheelset looks like an exotic gemstone.

The GravityWorx Coyote33 will be an ultimate upgrade, which promises you to deliver the same kind of performance.

Strong and light carbon fiber is used for manufacturing these mountain bike wheels.It has UD matte carbon fiber, which is highly beneficial for getting topmost performance.

It has an asymmetric rim profile, so you will get maximum comfort. The GravityWorx Coyote33 is a tubeless mountain bike wheel that comes without tape. The weight of this mountain bike wheel is 1565g per set.

The GravityWorx Coyote33 is a very strong wheel, which allows you more spoke tension. The peculiar construction of this mountain bike wheel makes it highly durable. It is constructed with a T800s unidirectional outer layer and a Toray T800s 3k weave on the inside layer of this wheel.

This carbon fiber wheelset is bonded with extremely high Tg resin. Therefore, the GravityWorx Coyote33 is an extremely strong and light wheel. The tubeless rims can be used without a tape. All these wheels are available with disk brakes.


  • Asymmetric carbon fiber wheelset;
  • It offers superior aerodynamics;
  • It comes with a wind cutting profile;
  • ​Dual composite construction;
  • Extremely strong and light; 


  • The GravityWorx Coyote33 is not so versatile; 

Final Verdict

The aforementioned products are the best mountain bike wheels and wheelsets that are available on the market. All of them are top sellers and they possess lots of highly beneficial features.

They can be your best choice when you want to hit the mountain trails.
All these top quality, best MTB wheels are available at an affordable cost. So, you need not suffer from your flimsy and cheap wheels you are currently using.

You can invest on this highly durable, affordable, and rugged mountain bike wheels.
You can select the best 29er wheelset if you want to get the best performance.

All these MTB wheels are manufactured by very popular mountain bike manufacturers. Thus, the quality and durability will be topmost.

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