Why Is Everyone Talking About Best Mountain Bike Trainers


.. At times the desire of cycling down the trails as you enjoy the atmosphere comes knocking. This is the moment when that heavy rain or winter season becomes your enemy.

Recalling your last experience of knocking on strangers’ door looking for shelter, makes you feel worse. The enviable tool that can offer you that fascinating road feel experience is an indoor bike trainer. It is the secret of spending your day as planned no matter what the weather says.

And, just like the case with any other product, it is normal for every single person to get skeptical when buying an indoor trainer, especially when the price is high.

One realizes that what they have received is not exactly what they have been waiting for.

That is the moment you realize that buying any tool is as important as using it.

.. Unfortunately, today’s market is full of counterfeit products.

With so many mountain bike trainers looking great, you must be careful not to pick the flawed ones. You are in for a nasty surprise if don’t make your moves right?

Everybody wants to have a road-like-feel when they are on top of their train stand pedaling but that doesn’t come easy. That exhilarating feeling that seems real as you pedal harder against the resistance is what gives the entire bike training its meaning.

Let me take you through quick tips on the best mountain bike trainers. You will be glad you read this article to the end.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Indoor Bike Trainer:

Not every indoor trainer is incredible enough to give you a good road feel.

How awesome the cycling gets will both depend on what the trainer offers and what is right for you.

Ranging from simple handlebar trainers that allow you adjust the resistance to sophisticated virtual trainers, there is much at your disposal.

To begin with, let’s first categorize the basic types of trainers.

That should be your first step when buying an indoor trainer.

Do you want a basic model for warm-ups or a smart trainer with special interface training programs?

  • Roller;
  • Magnetic Trainer; 
  • Fluid Trainer;
  • Fan Trainer;
  • Advanced Smarter Trainer;

The following trainers all offer an amazing workout experience but differ in price, resistance and other modern features. Each category has its own pros and cons.


As far as intense bike training is concerned, rollers are a limiting option. Even though they do not allow for a change in resistance, they are a great option for warming up.

They are the oldest trainers consisting of three precision drums that turn as one pedals. Rollers are challenging yet preferred by some bike enthusiasts and pro riders,probably because of the road simulation that feels real.


  • A great option for elite cyclists; 
  • Improves body form despite initial challenges; 


  • Requires practice to learn balancing and smooth pedaling; 

Magnetic Trainer:

 These types use magnetic force to create resistance on the back wheel. Despite being less noisy when compared to other models, they feel lumpy.

You are likely to miss out on the right road feel unless you are used to them.

Cycling resistance may reduce as one increases cadence but some are integrated with adjustment settings allowing one to control resistance progressively.


  • Relatively quiet;
  • Inexpensive;


  • Poor road feel and some require manual resistance adjustment; 

Fan Trainer: 

These trainers are expensive, yes, but again, they provide the best road feel. Resistance is created by a fan with 4-6 blades.

As one pedals faster, resistance increases.

Fan or air trainers are rarely seen nowadays not because they are inefficient but due to the thunderous noise produced.
They are the best for those who are okay with the noise.


  • Have the best road feel;
  • They are simple, lightweight and easily moved; 
  • Inexpensive and suitable for starters; 


  • They are perhaps the noisiest around; 

Fluid Trainer: 

These mimic the road-like-feel better than wind or air trainers. A propeller spins inside a fluid (mostly silicon) chamber that creates resistance.

Even though some models have been associated with leaking problems, these trainers are the best around. One great and incredible feature of fluid trainers is their steady resistance.

You can be sure to enjoy the road-like-feel in an awesome indoor environment.


  • Provide the best road-like-feel;
  • They are quiet to use;
  • Inexpensive and suitable for starters; 


  • More expensive than the wind or magnetic trainers; 

Advanced Smarter Trainer: 

If you need something sophisticated then smart trainers got what you need.

They are integrated with interactive features that offer the ultimate customized training experience.

The wireless connectivity allows users to enjoy unique indoor virtual training and connect with the rest of the world. You can imagine sweating it out during winter while monitoring your heart rate, cadence and power output via your Smartphone or laptop.

Advanced smart trainers are more than just the ordinary trainers.
You can be sure to enjoy the ultimate interactive training.


  • Offers customized training with micro-adjustments to suit any riding style; 
  • Lots of interactive features; 


  • Very expensive; 

Other Considerations: 

  • Compatibility- 

This is one of the most important considerations. Ensure that your trainer provides room for a number of bikes with varying axle dimensions.

The good news is that most bike trainer manufacturers provide attachment options. 

Over the years, manufacturers have changed their game and produced different bike models. This has widened the dimensional gap and therefore raising compatibility issues.

However, despite the changes in axle attachment standards and dimensions, thru-axle adaptors have calmed the compatibility concern.

  • Stability- 

Trainer crashes are rare but that doesn’t guarantee any rider 100% safety. Ensure that your pick has a solid and sturdy construction.

Any good trainer must be incorporated with leveling screws or any other means that enhances stability on uneven surfaces.

Generally, the broader the base the safer the trainer.

  • Storage/Portability- 

A heavy trainer or one whose design is unadjustable can be a burden. A foldable trainer provides much convenience when moving or storing it.

For those cyclists that attend several biking events, a foldable trainer is worth considering.

  • Ease of Use- 

Do you worry every time you get your bike on and off the trainer?

It can be disgusting if it takes unnecessarily long to fix everything in place. You should be able to fix and securely fasten your bike into the trainer without much fuss.

  • Noise- 

No single indoor trainer can be declared quiet. However, when the noise is too much, it may be very annoying and disrespectful to those around you. This is worse when you share training rooms or walls. Both the vibrations and noise should be within an acceptable range.

  • Accessories- 

They help make your trainer easier to use. Check whether the following are included:

  • Axle attachment inserts; 
  • Front tire block; 
  • Trainer Mat; 
  • Sweat net or thong; 
  • Trainer tire; 

The Top 3 Best Mountain Bike Trainers Worth Considering:

1/ Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Excercise Trainer- Stand

This trainer lets you sit your whole weight on the heavy duty steel frame and enjoy the road-like cycling experience. Even though the magnet steel stand cannot be compared with most fluid trainers,
it is quiet enough to let you enjoy music as you watch news.

Thanks to the generous compatibility range that allows any mountain bike with 26”,
27” or 700c wheels to be set up on this stand.

Simply tune the resistance at the handlebars as you make the most out of that indoor space. You will love the foldable design when traveling or storing this enviable tool.

It is a benchmark trainer design that features five resistance levels allowing starters to do the adjustment using micro-adjust knob.


  • Offers a reliable and basic way of indoor bike training; 
  • Inexpensive; 


  • Lacks the real road-like-feel; 

2/ RAD- Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Workout Bicycle Trainer 

This is another great option that lets you turn your outdoor trail experience into an amazing indoor reality. The only major downfall of this magnetic portable is the noise.

If your neighbors are the kind that bangs the wall, ceiling or door with a broom when you increase the volume of your audio system, then you better keep your hands off this model.

The ability to adjust the resistance by turning the knob is quite impressive, you do not have to take your bike off the trainer and adjust it manually.

Any road or mountain bike with 26”, 27” or 700cc wheels fits this trainer.

Having a simple child design, this stand allows for quick installation or storage.

It may not have most interactive and sophisticated features but still very ideal for an amazing indoor mountain biking workout or training.

Any road or mountain bike with 26”, 27” or 700cc wheels fits this trainer.

Having a simple child design, this stand allows for quick installation or storage.

It may not have most interactive and sophisticated features but still very ideal for an amazing indoor mountain biking workout or training.


  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Inexpensive; 


  • Noisy; 

3/ Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle- Trainer 

This 8.5 20.6 22.1 is indeed a 20-pound trainer designed to allow you enjoy indoor bike training. Featuring magnetic resistance, the trainer allows you pedal while enjoying a quiet environment.

You can cycle to the top speed with peace of mind knowing your weight rests on the sturdy construction.

The single adjustment allows for a progressive and steady ride.
You can do the workouts even when the weather seems to go against your plans.

There is nothing to worry about when moving or detaching the trainer, the design allows for quick and easy installation. Thanks to Easton-Bell Sports Inc for their exclusive workmanship and impeccable construct quality.

The 5-years warranty is a solid proof of the solid performance and reliability.


  • Super easy to use;
  • Easy to assemble and take the bike off the trainer for an outdoor ride;


  • It is loud but a smooth tire would help offset the effect;

Final Verdict and Conclusion: 

Do you love having quality time outside but the weather or season doesn’t seem to favor you?

I know how it feels when you deeply desire to be on the rocky pathways cruising downhill but unfortunately everything dictates that you can’t have your outdoor adventure.

Don’t worry, simply grab one of the above indoor bike trainers and enjoy all that you have been missing at the comfort of your home.

They have been tested and proved to be effective and reliable trainers.

Ranging from steady resistance that motivates you to gear up in your workout sessions to heavy duty steel construction, the trainers got what you want.

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