Best Mountain Bike Shorts Reviews

best mountain bike shorts

Best Mountain Bike Shorts are essential for getting additional comfort and prevent saddle sores, chafing, and heat rashes.

The right mountain bike shorts help you to leave sore behind and focus on your ride.
However, due to the increasing popularity of mountain biking, plenty of choices are available.

A vast variety of cycling shorts can be seen in shops. Bike shorts materials are manufactured by using stretchable materials, which allow freedom of movement.

Additionally, compared to ordinary shorts, mountain bike shorts are tighter, which is essential for keeping your skin dry during mountain biking. Hence, fabrics must absorb moisture effectively.

  Padded crotch liners must have the ability to absorb impacts. Generally, bike shorts are worn without underwear. But, if you do not like to use tight shorts without underwear, you can use your bike shorts as underwear and a pair of baggy shorts can wear over them.

Shorts of a mountain biker must be protective, comfortable, and most importantly stylish. Here is an analysis of the best bib shorts. Best mountain bike shorts reviews are always helpful for picking the best shorts as per your requirements and budget.

How To Choose Best Mountain Bike Shorts?

Baggy shorts have become an integral part of the uniform of mountain bikers. Off-road shorts are less restrictive, hard-wearing, and more practical. However, they are very stylish, practical, comfortable and affordable.

You will get maximum comfort if you wear an inner short or liner.
Usually, leg of these types of shorts is short.

Manufacturers use thinner Lycra or more breathable mesh fabric to make these types of shorts. Generally, nylon fabric is used for creating outer shorts. Lightweight shorts are perfect during a summer season.

However, you can use mesh lined or thicker shorts for colder months. If you can adjust the waist, shorts fit perfectly without using a belt. Pockets are highly useful, but they are not essential.

A. Things To Consider 1 : Types

If you want to get the best bike shorts, you should decide whether you need a baggy or tight. Basically, there are two types of biking shorts, a loose fitting outer short and a stretchy, tight-fitting inner short.

The second one lacks an outer shell. You can see tradeoffs to each short.

Normally, baggy shorts are useful for mountain biking and spandex shorts are perfect for road riding. But of course, there are lots of exceptions.

If you use road riding to work or coffee shop, baggily is useful. But, you can use spandex if you want to race your mountain bike.

Bib shorts come with integrated mesh suspenders.

Racers always prefer to wear the best bob shorts. Bibs stay up in your back perfectly and they will not restrict your breathability. There will not be anything over your shoulders if you purchase bib-less shorts. You can answer the nature’s call without removing your jersey, which is the greatest advantage of bib-less shorts. 

Baggy shorts have superiority on the dirt. In fact, they are more comfortable for mountain bikers. However, when you purchase baggy shorts, you should ensure that the inner short detachments are available from the shell. It allows you to wash inner shorts separately, which helps to increase your shorts collection.

B. Things To Consider 2: Material 

Manufacturers use nylon outer shells and various levels of stretchy inner shorts when they make bike shot. You must consider certain factors when you are planning to purchase bike shorts. The inner short material must be able to wick away sweat perfectly. At the same time, it should also support your muscles.

Moreover, the outer short must be more durable and a little bit water repellent. If there are more mesh in the upper half of bibs, you will get a cooler feeling.

You should consider the weight, stretchability and stiffness when you purchase baggies. If you select lighter shorts, you will get a more cool feeling. But, you must be more careful about the sound. Some baggy shells make a loud sound with every pedal stroke.

C. Things To Consider 3 : Pockets, Fly, and Liner

Hip pockets are not essential, but it is nice to have them. You can keep your car keys, a phone or small change in it. If the hip pockets are deep, zips are not needed. Fly helps to prevent your waist from popping open accidentally.

But, it must have a press-stud fixing to do this duty. You will get additional security if there are extra studs. If you pick a mountain bike short without waist adjusters, belt loops are a good idea. 

You may think that mountain bike shorts with cargo pockets are highly helpful for carrying extra things. Hence, you may think that it is a great idea. But, they may create an accident because the contents can bang against your thighs when you pedal the bike. For that reason, it is always better to avoid them.

D. Things To Consider 4: Fit

Your mountain bike shorts must be comfortable and fit in a cycling position. Therefore, you should not check it by standing up and look into a mirror.

Plenty of best mountain bike shorts for men and women are available in the market. But, they must fit perfectly in standing position.

You can wear the best-padded bike shorts without using underwear because the pad will help to hold tight to your skin in the saddle area. A well designed and right bike shorts will be longer in the back.

Therefore, when you stand up straight, you can see a slight baggy area in your butt. This extra material will smooth out and fit well when you lean forward into cycling position.

E. Other Considerations

  • You should understand your options, which is the best way to select the best MTB shorts; 
  • Anti-chafe design between saddle area and legs; 
  • Comfort along with freedom of movement; 
  • Elastic to keep shorts in place; 
  • A snug fit, which helps to stay shorts in place; 
  • Will not flap in the wind; 
  • High-tech materials, which sweat well in heat of exercise; 
  • Fabric, which can abrade without damage; 

1. Mzcurse Men’s Team mountain Bike Short

Mzcurse Men’s Short comes along with shirt jersey shorts suit kit set. You can consider this shorts if you are searching for purchasing the best mountain bike shorts for men.
However, before purchasing, you should check the product size because the size of this short is smaller than US standard. 
Mzcurse Men’s Short can provide you maximum comfort while riding even in hot weather.

Breathable function and quick dry moisture are the other peculiarities of this short.
High-tech fabric breath helps to keep you dry by wicking sweat away from your skin. You will get more comfort because it has a quick dry function.


  • Provides maximum comfort;
  • High-tech fabric breaths; 
  • Quick dry function; 
  • 100 percent polyester parts; 


  • Size is smaller than US standards;

2. Zoic Men’s Black Market Shorts

Manufacturer of Black Market uses quick-drying 4-way stretch polyester to construct of Zoic Men’s Black Market Shorts.

Therefore, these shorts are highly versatile and they deliver everywhere adventure.
High-performance cycling liner with a chamois pad is the other peculiar feature of this short.

Zoic mountain bike shorts are highly durable, lightweight, and quick-drying. Zoic Black Market can provide you shock absorbing comfort because it has removable RPL liner along with ZO-Tech chamois.


  • Tagless labels help to eliminate irritation and itching; 
  • Semi-lock auto zippers; 
  • Flat front waist with zipping fly closure; 
  • Strategic vents on right places, which offer cooling comfort; 
  • Durable, lightweight and quick drying; 


  • None; 

3. Fox Racing Demo DH Shorts

Fox Racing Demo DH is designed for men mountain bikers. Downhill is equally hard on your bike, body as well as clothing.

Therefore, Fox Racing designs its Demo DH Shorts as super tough. It can perfectly handle the abuse of gravity riding.

A 600D-polyester main body fabric is capable of providing maximum abrasion-resistance. An adjustable front ratchet closure offers bombproof durability and a custom fit. Mountain Bike Shorts Fox can provide you the best value for your hard earned money.


  • Interior mesh liner; 
  • Stretch mesh movement; 
  • 600D polyester main body; 
  • RAP construction; 
  • Fade resistant sublimated graphics; 
  • Silicone grip waistband; 
  • Welded zipper stash pocket; 


  • Only one pocket;
  • Slightly tight;

4. Pearl iZUMi Men’s Quest Cycling Short

Pearl iZUMi Men’s Quest offers durability, fit, and value. A six-panel anatomic design, soft select transfer fabric, reflective elements for low-light visibility, etc are the peculiar features of shorts of Pearl iZUMi.

The superior moisture-wicking properties of Quest keep you cool, dry and free from health problems. 

Manufacturer of this short uses pressure Relief Technology in gender-specific chamois, which is helpful for reducing pressure points. Differentiated levels of padding, effective moisture wicking ability, etc are the other features of Pearl iZUMi Men’s Quest.


  • Tour 3D chamois pad; 
  • Superior moisture wicking fabric; 
  • Reflective elements throughout; 
  • Silicone leg grippers; 
  • 6-panel anatomic design; 

5. Baleaf Men’s 3D Padded Shorts

Baleaf Men’s 3D Padded Shorts are manufactured by using 82 percent nylon and 18 percent spandex.

Breathable fabric can wick away moisture quickly.
It can also keep you dry very effectively.

Baleaf Men’s 3D Padded Shorts have reflective highlights, which can improve your nighttime profile. Silicone leg grippers hold shorts in place effectively. It has flat seams, which reduce irritation caused by chafing.


  • Good fabric; 
  • Sweat absorbent; 
  • Air permeability 3D pad; 
  • Breathable fabric; 


  • Padding thickness is not comfortable;

6. Xcellent Global 3D Padded Shorts

Xcellent Global 3D Padded Shorts are designed for both men and women. Polyester/nylon, sponge, and silicon are used for manufacturing these mountain bike shorts. Therefore, they are very short, comfortable and light. They will not apply any pressure to your body.

The special construction of pad can absorb moisture effectively.

It can also provide you good breathability and elasticity. Xcellent is the best mountain bike shorts for women and men that keep your body dry. Super flexibility is the other stunning offers of Xcellent bike shorts.


  • Affordable;
  • Designed for both men and women;
  • Air permeability 3D pad;
  • Absorb moisture;


  • None 

7. Pearl Izumi Women’s Quest Shorts

Are you searching for purchasing the best mountain bike shorts for women? Then you can surely consider Pearl Izumi Women’s Quest.

It provides you superior comfort because it has a flattering wide waistband.

It delivers a chamois, which helps you to stay comfortable in the saddle. This is a perennial favorite short, which provides durability, fit, and value.


  • Padding;
  • Superior comfort;
  • Simplicity;
  • Lightweight; 
  • Durable materials; 
  • Machine washable; 
  • Good breathability; 


  • Lack of style and breathability; 
  • Little bit heavy; 
  • Out of saddle fit; 

8. Baleaf Women’s Padded Shorts

Baleaf Women’s Padded Shorts comes with a women-specific fabric and fit. It can provide you maximum comfort in the saddle.

Breathable fabric can wick away moisture very quickly. Thus, these shorts can keep you dry and comfortable.

The triangle-shaped gusset is useful for avoiding ride-up. You will also get greater comfort when you stretch and bent.

Flat seams can reduce irritation caused by chafing. The 3D antibacterial pad is beneficial for providing you great comfort for a long time.


  • Highly comfortable; 
  • Durable;
  • Wicks away moisture effectively; 
  • Breathable fabric;


  • None; 

9. Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Shorts

Mountain Bike Shorts Troy Lee is a medium weight short that is suitable for most types of bike riding as well as for Enduro.

A two-way stretch material is used for constructing Troy Lee and it has total 4 pockets. Mountain Bike Shorts Troy Lee has fully removable mesh liner along with a form of chamois. The bullet proof construction makes the shorts simply stunning.


  • Comfortable;
  • Lightweight; 
  • Single layer shell; 
  • Good chamois; 
  • Fantastic cut; 
  • Three zipped pockets; 
  • Rear stretch panel; 
  • Sturdy waist adjustment; 
  • Removable inner liner; 
  • 4-way stretching material;
  • Works well with kneepads;


  • Thin chamois with seams; 
  • Too baggy;
  • Not so durable; 
  • Minimal storage; 

10. Zoic Men’s Essential Liner Shorts

  Zoic mountain bike shorts are part of IPL (interchangeable padded liner) system, which helps to integrate Zoic’s outer shorts seamlessly.

An anatomically contoured ZO-Tech chamois is the prime feature of Essential Liner. To provide you maximum comfort and dryness on a bike, the company combines this feature with ZO-wick moisture management.

Essential Liner uses multi-level ergonomic foam to provide long-term comfort to the users. The six-panel design lacks a central front seam, which helps to avoid irritation. Spandex mesh fabric of Essential Liner stretches for freedom of movement.

At the same time, it increases the liner ability to wick and breathe. Tagless labels help to avoid irritation and itching, while gripper elastic on the insides of leg openings helps to keep liner from migrating.


  • Anatomically contoured;
  • Spandex meshes fabric;
  • Stretchable, breathable and can wick sweat efficiently; 
  • Multi-level ergonomic foam for getting maximum comfort; 
  • Plush ZOIC logo elastic waistband;
  • Tagless labels to avoid irritation and itching;
  • Reverse stitching, which reduces chafing and eliminates irritation;
  • 6-panel liner shorts;
  • Men’s specific ZO-Tech chamois;
  • ZO-Wick moisture management;


  • Heavyweight;

Final Verdict:

You are aware that mountain biking is a highly adventurous sport. You need to ride through mud, that's why you must have the best outfit that can protect your health and can provide you an effortless riding.

Your outfit must be able to expel dirt and mud easily. Therefore, mountain bike shorts are manufactured by using a high-quality material, which does not take much time to dry off.

The best bike shorts should provide you maximum comfort even when you ride longer. It must be able to give you protection from bacteria, which might start occurring due to sweat and dirt. Bike shorts must have the ability to vaporize extra moisture with no interferences.

The utility is the other important feature of a mountain bike short. You can purchase even hybrid shorts, which do not have pockets.

But, it is always better to wear bike specific shorts while engaging in mountain biking. Usually, they come with extra paddings on sides and lower back. As a result, you will get more protection in case of a crash.

However, you must be aware that even the best mountain bike shorts padded cannot prevent injury and some scratches.

Mountain bike shorts for women and men are designed to provide maximum comfort while cycling. Some shorts do not stretch and they are also tight. You cannot pedal freely if you use these types of shorts. Therefore, you should ensure to pick shorts that are either flexible or stretching. Your mountain biking shorts should be baggy enough according to your style of riding.

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