Best Mountain Bike Pedals Reviews

Best Mountain Bike Pedals

Do you want to unlock your potential as a mountain biker? Then, you should invest in the best bike pedals, which enable you to adjust the release tension of the mechanism. There are three major types of bike pedals; they are a platform, toe clip, and clipless.

When you select best mountain bike pedals:

 You should think about the riding you are doing. At first, you should decide whether you are a mountain biker or road biker. Different types of pedals are available for various styles of bikes.

Platform Vs Clipless Pedals

When selecting a mountain bike pedal, you should decide whether you need a clipless or platform pedals. Most entry level mountain bikes come with platform pedals. Usually, they are made either from some types of metal or plastic.

The major advantages of platform pedals are:


  • Special shoes are not required for using platform pedals. You can use any sturdy pair of shoes that has a platform bottom; 
  • You can bail off the bike very quickly if necessary. So, it is perfect for beginners and even free riders/dirt/downhill jumpers as well; 
  • Compared to entry-level clipless pedals, entry level platform pedals are not so expensive; 
  • Can be best for learning mountain bike handling skills and trying new terrain and techniques; 
  • It allows you to bail from your bike quicker; 
  • You can learn appropriate pedal pressure with your feet; 


  • You will be unable to use your feet to pull upwards on the pedals when jumping or climbing, which reduces efficiency; 
  • Feet can be bounced off the pedals in rough terrain; 

Some platform pedals come with straps, which help to keep your feet attached. However, if you need a reliable foot-pedal connection, you should do some investigation for getting clipless pedals.

A unique clear is the major feature of a clipless mountain bike pedal. This cleat will be attached to a bike specific shoe, which provides you a stable connection between your foot and pedal.

You can clip into the pedal by stepping down and release by twisting your heel to the side. If you are a beginning mountain biker, you should practice a bit for using a clipless mountain bike pedals. However, these bike pedals have lots of advantages.


  • Pedal efficiency can be improved by transforming energy throughout the pedal stroke; 
  • Clipless pedals help to keep your feet attached to the bike. So, bumpy descents and bunny hopping can be performed much easier; 
  • Compared to platform pedals, clipless pedals cut a smaller footprint; 
  • Overall more efficient; 
  • Allows you to keep your foot in the same position on the pedal; 
  • It provides you more power with each pedal stroke and more control of your bike;


  • More time is required to position your foot correctly while starting the bike; 
  • Can slightly delay by putting a foot on the ground; 
  • Learning curve is needed to use clipless pedals; 

Other Considerations while Selecting the Best Mountain Bike Pedals. 

You should consider some other important factors if you want to choose the best mountain bike pedals.
Some of them are explained below:


Your clipless pedals will have cleats, so you need not purchase the compatible ones.

Shoe Compatibility

Some shoes are designed specifically for some particular shoes. Therefore, it is better to purchase your shoes and pedals simultaneously.

Sticky, soft-soled rubber shoes are targeted towards more gravity oriented riding, which goes perfectly with traction pins and wider platforms.

Stiffer, hard soled cross-country shoes work better with mini platform pedals or without any platform. When you install new cleats to your new pedals, you should test clipping in and out before you start riding.


Adjustability has a significant role when you search for clipless pedals and want to consider things such as pedal tension settings and float. Pedal pressure settings are the amount of force required for clipping and unclipping.

The best mountain bike platform pedals may allow you to replace spike pins. More adjustability is always better.


You can select a solid pedal with smooth bearing because it will not require tons of maintenance. If you choose the best mountain bike pedals, they are capable of standing up to the abuse of scratches and multiple rock strikes year after year.

Pedal weight

You will get correct information regarding the weight of pedals from the quote of manufacturers. If the pedal weight is less, you can handle it in a better way.

Mud Shedding Abilities

The pedals must have the best mud shedding abilities. If there are enough open spaces in the pedals,
they can push out dirt in a better way when you place your feet on the pedals.

Maintenance Needs

The debris resistance power of each clipless pedal is different. Some models can be maintained and cleaned very easily without disturbing the security of critical mechanisms. If you purchase an expensive model,they can be able to deflect most environmental factors.

So, the maintenance needs of them will also be very less. However, you need to clean a lower-end clipless pedal after every use.

Great Pedals Vs Bad pedals

A mountain biker needs to contact mostly on the pedals. If you are not able to transform your force to the pedals correctly, you are only wasting your energy and power.

Therefore, the best mountain bike pedals are inevitable for riding a bike entirely. You will also get maximum comfort from great pedals. They help you to position your feet in a natural position under the right angle. It involves lots of physics. If you can get a more natural position, you can perform in a better way.

If you get a safer and better grip on the pedals, you can concentrate on other things. The right bike pedals are also essential for placing your shoes firmly on the pedals.

When your shoes slip off from the pedals, it will cause injuries. You will also lose your balance and may fall off from the bike. So, you should select the best bike pedals.

Mountain biking involves riding in a rough environment and on rough terrain. You need to face lots of obstacles such as trees, rocks, and many other obstacles.

Pedals are made by using different materials. Bike pedals made by using carbon fiber is the most brittle pedals. When it hit at the wrong place, it may crack. As a result, you will have to purchase a new pair. Steel is the most durable material, and it can take some substantial impacts.

Though they are heavier, they can outlast your bike. Aluminum alloy is the other materials used for manufacturing bike pedals. The weight of aluminum alloy is equal to carbon fiber. They are flexible enough to endure impacts, so they are the perfect combination.

Top 5 Best Bike Pedals Review:

1. Crank Brothers Eggbeater

Eggbeater is one of the most popular pedals on the market. Since its first release in 2001, these are the top selling products due to its simple design and myriad benefits. Eggbeater is a broad-based pedal, which is strongest in certain settings.

You should take the time to assess your preferences and riding style for making a better choice. Crank Brothers, the manufacturer of Eggbeater, introduces a whole line of pedals by using a variety of materials. It ranges from basic Cromoly to an all-titanium Eggbeater.

The appearance of Crank Brothers Eggbeater pedals is different from the other clipless pedals of the company. It lacks wide pedal platform, which is a standard feature in most other pedals. Eggbeater comes with a unique design, which means, it is a spindle wrapped by spring-loaded, four-sided clip. This unique design enables you to lock your foot into the pedal from any side. It can be done by just pressing down on the spring. So, you need not kick at the pedal to get it lined up right.

  The Eggbeater pedals are very light and have an airy design. So, they can shed more mud and other junk during your mountain biking. The Eggbeater allows you to move more naturally.


  • Lightweight; 
  • The cleats are perfect for shedding mud; 
  • Interchangeable color inserts; 
  • Easy to get in and out of; 
  • Relatively easy to grease up; 


  • No platform to hold your body weight; 
  • The wings are open to rock strikes; 
  • Initial clip in is tight; 
  • Need to ensure adequate clearance; 

2. Race Face Atlas Bike Pedal

Race Face Atlas is a lightweight, low-profile, light aluminum bike pedal, which comes with a double-concave platform. Though the Race Face Atlas pedals are a bit more expensive, their size, profile, and ease of maintenance make them worth the investment. They are competitively light and super easy to maintenance. The grease port at the end of the axle is covered with a spare pin.

A Chromoly spindle and replaceable bottom loading hex-headed traction pins make them perfect for all mountain trail riding.

The pedals are also strong enough to handle the abuse of even the Down Hill riding. The platform of Race Face Atlas is big enough to keep you worry-free and stable. The chamfered edges provide you a bit more clearance in corners.


  • Excellent grip and feel; 
  • Little weight; 
  • Ideal for riders with smaller feet; 
  • Good design for muddy conditions; 
  • Hidden pin/grease access port; 
  • Fore and aft angled bottom-loading pins; 
  • Hex-head thread pin design, which offers more bite for added security; 
  • Fully sealed cartridge bearing design; 
  • Aluminum body, Chromoly steel axle; 


  • Expensive; 
  • Most riders prefer wider platform; 

3. Shimano Ultegra PD-6800 SPD-SL

Shimano Ultegra PD-6800 is a high value, low maintenance bike pedal, which is ideal for everyday racing and riding. These pedals are dependable, and they require virtually no maintenance.

Shimano Ultegra comes with a comprehensive platform, which provides you a sure-footed connection to your mountain bike.

It offers you three choices of cleats for float options, such as one-degree, six degrees and fixed. You can adjust tension very quickly if you purchase this bike pedal. Shimano SPD-SL pedals have a carbon composite body, which spins on two sets of bearings around a stainless steel spindle.


  • Carbon body construction; 
  • Lightweight; 
  • Allows efficient power transfer; 
  • Durable and robust interface; 
  • Adjustable entry and release tension settings;
  • Quick and easy entry bindings; 
  • Durable stainless steel body; 
  • Stainless steel pedal; 
  • Adjustable release tension indicator; 
  • Low maintenance;


  • None; 

4. VP Components VP-Harrier

VP Components is one of the biggest bike component manufacturers in the world. They work as contractors for some big brands. Now, the Taiwan-based manufacturer comes with their newest pedal. In fact, the company created VP-Harrier Premium Flat Pedals by putting all their experiences.

Therefore, the pedals offer lots of grips, excellent durability, and little weight. The size of VP-Harrier pedals is just stunning.

The standing area of this pedal is 12x11 cms, so this is among the biggest pedals on the market. But, the thickness of this pedal is just 12 mm. Therefore, these pedals are slim. The weight of VP-Harrier pedals is just 369 grams/pair. So, they are pretty light too. The pedals are lightweight because of the use of polymer bearings around the Chromoly axle.

VP-Harrier pedals are capable of creating a huge impression in the minds of users. Each pedal has 20 steel pins, while some pins are screwed though the pedal, the others are screwed in from one side.

You can replace all of them very easily. VP-Harrier pedals can create immense traction and provide lots of safety due to their significant size and long, sharp pins. The pedals provide additional foot support even if you ride your mountain bike with shoes without a super-stiff sole.


  • Large platform; 
  • Titanium spindle; 
  • Teflon thrust; 
  • Forged aluminum pedal body; 
  • External locking nuts; 


  • Poor customer support; 

5. Crankbrothers Mallet 2 Platform Pedals

Crankbrothers Mallet 2 offers an excellent blend of value and performance. You can use these pedals aggressively. The pedal bodies of Crankbrothers Mallet 2 are made of aluminum and stamped steel.

Therefore, they are durable, and they provide you dependable performance. The full platform is capable of giving you extra stability underfoot. There is a 4-sided entry into a cleat-retention mechanism, which makes these pedals a snap to engage with premium brass cleats. Crankbrothers Mallet 2 comes with forged Chromoly steel spindles.

They are paired with bushing inner bearings and cartridge outer bearings for smooth, dependable spinning. The pedals come with 12 screw pins, which can give you adjustable traction to meet your grip preferences. You should use Crankbrothers Mallet 2 only with included crankbrothers cleats. It can fit perfectly for any SPD-compatible shoes.


  • Highly durable; 
  • Reasonable price; 
  • High quality; 
  • Stamped steel wings; 
  • Traction pins at the rear and front of the pedal body for additional grip; 
  • Aluminum and polycarbonate body; 
  • Inner bushing and outer cartridge bearing for smooth performance; 
  • Stumped steel wings to resist rust; 
  • 2-year warranty; 


  • Cleats need careful set-up; 
  • Not so robust; 

Final Verdict

Different types of bike pedals are available by the kind of bike you are riding. However, selecting the best pedals for a mountain bike is not a rocket surgery. You can do it very easily if you do some research.

When choosing the right pedals for your mountain bike, your primary considerations should be their weight, mud-shedding properties, the level of engagement, and how much float they offer.

It 's hard to manage a mountain bike with pedals that quickly become clogged with muck. Therefore, manufacturers come with latest technology and various designs that promise to remove mud quickly. You must also consider the serviceability of pedals when selecting bike pedals.

Though most pedals provide some seals, their effectiveness and quality may vary tremendously. So, they all eventually need maintenance. Mountain bike clipless pedals need to lead a tough life with lots of abuse. So, the durability and function of pedals must be your primary considerations. So, you should not be overly tempted by lightweight.

Additionally, any little weight product can feel heavy when you carry them to your home. All these factors must be considered when you select the best mountain bike platform pedals. This guide will surely help you to choose the right pedals as per your need, requirements and budget.

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