Best Mountain Bike Grips

best mountain bike gripes

Do you want to get an expert advice to select the best mountain bike grips?

Then, just read these guidelines and reviews,
you can surely purchase the best MTB grips for your mountain bike. Finding the best bike grip is a challenging task for many people because they are not aware of the factors that determine the quality and durability of mountain hike grips.

Usually, different manufacturers produce different styles of bike grips. They are also available in different types of compounds, pretty designs, thicknesses, widths, etc. You must be aware of the grips that are right for you.

Grips are highly essential for staying balanced on your bike. At the same time, they help you to improve your bike handling and guard against some common injuries, such as blisters. They also have a huge role in handling your bike. The best mountain bike grips are inevitable for making a comfortable ride.

How To Choose the Best Mountain Bike Grips?

You must select the best equipment to get superior performance and improve other aspects, like safety. In fact, mountain bike grip is one of the most often overlooked safety equipment.

They help you keeping your hands on handles and they provide you superior ergonomics for maximum comfort, performance, and safety. You should shop for mountain bike grips very seriously if you want to get all these benefits.

A. Things To Consider 1: Lock on Design

 Various different designs of mountain bike grips are available on the market. However, it is better to purchase a bike grip with a lock on design. Mountain bike grip with a lock on design is very popular for a secure grip. Thus, it is a better option than the other grips.

Besides, these types of bike grip designs have the best screw on design. Therefore, you can prevent the formation of blisters if you use lock on design bike grips. If you want to get better performance and secure grip, you should always prefer to purchase an MTB bike grip with a lock on design.

B. Things To Consider 2: Flared Ends

  You will get a larger surface area if you select a bike grip with flared ends. This is also the best way to attain a better grip control. Compared to other bike grips, flared grips are not so comfortable. However, they can provide you a better bike control and prevent the formation of blisters.

Therefore, instead of searching for a comfortable bike grip, you can select flared grips because they can keep you safe from injuries. In such a way, you can also achieve a tight grip very easily.

C. Things To Consider 3: Multi-design Gripping Pattern

  As mentioned earlier, you can find different mountain bike grips with various designs and grooves. In fact, these factors are responsible for improving the performance of your bike.

You will get a better control if you use a multi-design gripping pattern. Additionally, they can also provide you a better feel that makes you more comfortable.

D. Things To Consider 4: Width

  If you are not sure about the bar width, you can purchase something wider than you require and trial the grips at various different locations. Then, you can cut bars on the basis of your comfort level. You can cut aluminum bars at your home with a pipe cutter.

Sharp edges can be removed by using a file. But, when you cut carbon bars, they can produce fine dust particles that create lots of health problems.
Therefore, you should not cut these types of materials if you do not know how to suppress dust.

You should also decide whether you need a flat bar or riser bar. You can adjust the rise bars very easily. But, flat bars are more graceful than risers.

E. Other Considerations

  •  Some bikers use gloves while riding mountain bikes. Therefore, they prefer to purchase bike grips because the rubber of which is smooth and thin to grab.

    In order to satisfy the needs of glove users, some bike grip manufacturers also produce bike grips accordingly. You can also find lots of bike grips that are specially designed for bikers who use gloves. But, some other grips are designed for those who do not use gloves while riding.

    Therefore, you should purchase grips according to your glove usage, which is essential for getting better control.
  •  Some companies manufacture bike grips with light grooves to provide a better grip. But, some other manufacturers offer more aggressive grooves. Before purchasing a bike grip, you should try the feel of each grip. In such a way you can select the most comfortable grip.

  • Generally, people purchase bike grips only on the basis of looks. However, you must consider lots of major factors while purchasing a grip.
    Factors that mentioned above are some of such major considerations.

    However, you must also check grip material, control level, durability, and absorption power while purchasing bike grips. You must check all these factors very carefully because the performance of grips directly related to all these factors.

Recommended Product Reviews on Best Mountain BIke Grips:

1. Schwinn Tri-Layer Gel Comfort Grip

 When you participate in mountain biking, you will get great inspiration and the most enthralling feeling. Cycling is also a great exercise for your health and fitness as well. It can provide you immense strength and power. Besides, it can improve your athletic performance.

However, mountain biking can strain your shoulders and legs. So, it can be a painful experience for you. You can avoid all these unpleasant situations if you use the right gear for cycling.

Your cycle must be equipped with the best and the right equipment for enjoying a comfortable ride.

Therefore, you must select the best bike grips for your cycle. Schwinn Tri-Layer Gel can provide you maximum comfort and it will not cause any stress on your shoulders and arms. Therefore, Schwinn Tri-Layer Gel is the best bike grip for meeting all your cycling needs.


  • Large palm pad area; 
  • To provide improved traction, textured pattern is used on the top; 
  • Kraton compound makes the grip highly durable; 
  • Extra gel layer provides comfort and soft touch; 


  • Schwinn Tri-Layer Gel is free from annoying disadvantages; 

2. Oury MTN Grip

 Everybody wants to lead a youthful life. Though it is not possible for all, certain things can provide you the memories of your youth. Oury MTN Grip can surely remind your youthful memories. It has a blocked design, which can provide you greater comfort.

It is highly durable and is available in a wide range of color choices. If you want to add some flair to your rides, Oury MTN Grip is the best option.

It can provide you the ultimate standard in grip comfort. Soft, thick comfy rubber is used for manufacturing this grip. Large design eliminates slipping and numbness, and it is perfect for hands at any size.


  • Highly durable; 
  • Made by using high-quality materials; 
  • Perfect for both amateur and professional riders; 


  • Too sticky, so it should be used with gloves; 

3. TOPCABIN Double Lock on Locking Bicycle Handlebar Grips Cycle Bicycle Mountain Bike BMX Floding

You can confidently purchase TOPCABIN Double Lock on bike grips if you are searching for low priced grips. This is perfectly suitable for any standard straight cycles.

You can also use it for stunt scooter handlebar. These are highly comfortable and soft-grip bike grips. They are ideal for minimizing your fatigue in your hands, elbows, and wrists during long rides.

Just like some previous brands, soft Kraton rubber is used for manufacturing TOPCABIN Double Lock on.


  • Perfect for any standard straight bike; 
  • Made by using soft Kraton rubber; 
  • Effective for reducing your fatigue; 
  • Highly comfortable and durable; 


  • You cannot find any disturbing disadvantages in TOPCABIN Double Lock on bike grips; 

4. TRELC Antislip Bicycle Handlebar Grips Protector For Bicycle/ Mountain Bike/ Road Bike/ Folding Bike

TRELC Antislip Bicycle Grips are the perfect protector for road bikes, mountain bikes, bicycles, and folding bikes. TRELC Antislip is made with one layer overlapping another, which can give you a perfect grip. It is also ideal for providing you a natural placement of your fingers that offers you a perfect fit.

The triple layers also make your ride extremely comfortable.
You can also avoid finger and palm paralysis if you use TRELC Antislip grips.

Thus, you can prevent your wrist from deviating. Non-slip surface allows you to improve your grip when you ride off-roads.


  • Easy to install; 
  • Offers comfortable grip with ergonomic shape; 
  • Best grips for preventing wrist from deviating; 
  • Surface is non-slip; 
  • Very soft and comfortable; 


  • No notable cons; 

5. ODI Vans Grip with Lock-on Clamps

 ODI introduced its new Vans Lock-on Grip with classic VANS waffle sole pattern. It is constructed from the proprietary grip compounds for providing a consistent feel to the users.

Therefore, Vans Lock-On Grip can provide you exceptional control in all conditions. VANS Waffle Pattern is one of the most recognizable brands for iconic patterns.

In fact, VANS waffle pattern was designed for providing maximum comfort to the users. ODI Vans Grip also comes with clamps and plugs.


  • Offers exceptional control in all conditions; 
  • Comes with end plugs and clamps; 
  • Provides you a consistent feel; 
  • VANS Waffle pattern; 


  • ODI Vans Grip works perfectly without any disadvantages; 

6. Ergon GE1 Grips

 Ergon GE1 Grips are manufactured specially for enduring mountain bikers. GE1 is perfect for those who want to get a more traditional grip.

Wide handlebars, gripped right at the end, etc are the other peculiarities of GE1. This shape is highly helpful for reducing arm tension and positioning your elbows for an aggressive stance.

It allows you to get excellent control and less fatigue. There are two rubber compounds in GE1, a firm inner and soft outer give you a customized grip. Light weight, high-quality aluminum is used for constructing the clamps.


  • Localized texture zones; 
  • Rubber grip with aluminum clamp; 
  • Optimized for wide handlebars; 
  • Damping-optimized inner core; 
  • Dual-layer construction; 
  • Ergonomically correct; 
  • Excellent tactile feel; 
  • Increased athletic performance; 
  • Reduce fatigue in your upper-body and hands; 


  • Heavy; 
  • Expensive; 

7. ODI Bike Grips

 ODI Bike Grips are the ultimate choice if you are trudging with a limited budget. You will get 2 sets of MTB grips with each pack.
Raised pads with a textured surface are the important features of these grips.

It can provide you the most amount of vibration dampening, improved traction, and increased life expectancy. You can also install these grips very easily.

ODI Bike Grips are the best shock absorbent grips, which can provide you a tough, yet comfortable feel to your hands. Recycled materials are used for creating this high-quality, and highly durable bike grips.


  • ODI Bike Grips are Handle Rouge Bonus Pack; 
  • Very comfortable; 
  • Shock absorbent; 
  • Durable and comfortable; 
  • Best for solving hand pain and numbness; 


  • Little thicker;

8. TRELC Ergonomic Design

 TRELC Ergonomic Design bike grips are dirt bike grips that can support your whole palm and thumb. Highly comfortable ergonomic handle can provide you the best touch feeling.

These are the best grips for long time riding.
High strength aluminum alloy is used for construction TRELC Ergonomic Design grips.

The palm support part is wider than your palm, which can provide you maximum comfort and better grasps. TRELC Ergonomic Design grips can also reduce vibration during your riding.


  • Offers best touch feeling; 
  • Highly comfortable, ergonomic handle; 
  • Supports your whole palm; 
  • High-strength 3D aluminum alloy; 
  • Super comfortable; 


  • TRELC Ergonomic Design is stunning, and amazing bike grips that are free from disadvantages; 

9. Race Face Half Nelson Locking Grips

 Race Face bike grips are designed for giving you a super tacky thin feel.

Locking collars prevent your handles from slipping.

The tacky feature of Race Face helps you to keep your hands on the handles. Though these bike grips are very thin, they can grip perfectly well. Tough plastic inner core makes these grips more rigid.


  • Lightweight; 
  • Super slim; 
  • Uses soft and durable tacky VEXY; 
  • Topographic moisture channels; 
  • Race Face MX style half waffle, which provides additional grip security; 
  • Single lock on grips; 


  • Suitable for big hands; 

10. Ergon GS1 TwistShift

 Ergon introduced its new GS1 bicycle handlebar grip as a part of their new range of bike grips. It is perfect for bicycles running grip shifters.

In fact, these grips are designed for cross-country mountain biking.

A single aluminum clamp of GS1 is combined with the new proprietary DirectControl Lightweight rubber compound of Ergon. Rubber is used for providing a softer and more durable grip to the users.

While the other rubber compounds break down over time due to the sun and sweat, Ergon ES1 grips provide you long lasting results. Rubber is used for manufacturing GS1 grip is free from contaminants and phthalate, so it provides you highest levels of safety


  • Made by using new lightweight rubber compound; 
  • Unique internal construction; 
  • Best for mountain biking; 
  • Anodized alloy clamp; 
  • Perfect for XC racing and marathon; 
  • Recycled materials are mainly used for constructing this grip; 


  • You can use Ergon GS1 TwistShift without the fear of disadvantages; 

Final Verdict

 You may be riding a bicycle for competition or recreation. Regardless of the purpose of your riding, handlebar grips will greatly affect your comfort and performance.

Manufacturers use a wide array of materials, styles and colors while manufacturing handlebar grips. However, they will always careful to meet the needs of riders.

You can start your shopping for purchasing the best bike grips by deciding the type of bike. Once you find the appropriate product, you can consider the materials used for manufacturing that bike grip. Several different materials are used for creating MTB grips. They can vary significantly on the basis of their performance, price, and durability.

Bicycle handlebar grips market is very wide with many options.

Therefore, you must select products that fit properly. So, you should search for grips that are designed for mountain bikes and should select a desirable material as well. In mountain biking, the most common grips are lock-on and rubber grips.

You can select the best MTB grips on the basis of the diameter of your bike’s handlebars.

Durability, price, and comfort of bike grips are determined on the basis of materials used for creating them. Ally, gel, rubber, and some alternative materials like leather and cork are some common materials that are used for making bike grips. You can select the best bike grips depending on your budget and requirements

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