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best mountain bike gloves

 A pair of best mountain bike gloves must be your primary consideration when you think about mountain bike accessories. Best cycling gloves protect your hands from blisters, vibrations, cold, and abrasions. Best MTB gloves can provide you additional grip and control.

Your handlebars become slippery due to sweat, rain, and a number of other reasons.

You will make some unavoidable mistakes when you ride a bike without gloves. Wearing gloves is also essential for getting more protection from constant friction between handlebars and your hands.

Chafing or blisters occur due to these types of rubbing, which can quickly make your biking less pleasurable experience.

Most gloves come with padding, which can ward off chronic conditions. Thus, you can control carpal tunnel syndrome or numbness that is very common among mountain bikers.

Mountain biking and road cycling are the two popular types of biking. Both these sports require different bike apparels. Therefore, bike gloves are inevitable for protecting you in various conditions.

Comparison Table of Best Mountain Bike Gloves: 

Zookki Cycling Gloves Mountain Bike 

Best Sellers Rank

Package Height:  1.5 x 7.8 x 8.6 inches

Shipping Weight : 0.15 pounds

Giro DND Gloves

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions:  9 x 5 x 2 inches

Shipping Weight : 
1 pounds

Giro Xen Gloves

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions:  0.75 x 6 x 9 inches

Item Weight :
 0.2 pounds

Best Cycling Gloves for Mountain Biking:

When you are planning to purchase the best cycling gloves, you must decide whether you need mountain biking or road biking gloves. In fact, gloves are inevitable for mountain biking because they provide you proper grip and protection.

When you hop down boulders and ride trails, your hands must be more or less an extension of the handlebars for maintaining control. You should select a bike glove that is textured on your palm for maximum grip. Your gloves must also have padding in the palm, which helps to protect your hands from injuries.

The risk of crashing in mountain biking is very high. Your gloves must be durable enough to withstand the impacts you may encounter during riding. Thus, you can use your hands to brace yourself even when you take a spill. You should try on a few different sizes of gloves to pick the right ones. You should avoid gloves that are too big because they can slide around while riding.

Best Bike Gloves For Road Biking

Best bike gloves are also crucial for road biking as well. But, the reasons are different from mountain biking. The suspension of road bikes is not as superior as mountain bikes. Padded road bike gloves can absorb shocks delivered by the road.

Thus, gloves provide you a more comfortable riding. A cloth or fleece patch on the thump is the other feature of many road biking gloves. You can use them for wiping sweaty brow or your runny nose. When you are engaging in serious cycling, stopping to get your tissue for doing these tasks is annoying.

Styles and Materials of Best MTB Gloves

MTB gloves have two basic styles, finger-less and full-finger gloves. You can feel the shifters and brakes if you use fingerless gloves. They can also provide you more breathability while riding in hot temperatures. Road bikers prefer to use fingerless gloves.

However, mountain bikers like to use full-finger gloves to get greater grip and protection. They offer extra coverage, which is very crucial during the cold season. However, synthetic leather is used for making both types of gloves. So, you can protect your palm from rubbing. Breathability technology to minimize sweating is the feature of best MTB gloves.

Best Bike Gloves for Winter

Your gloves must be able to keep you warm during winters. Therefore, you can select gloves with fleece linings and insulating materials. Winter commuters can select lobster-claw-style gloves because they can group your middle and index fingers together for getting more control on handlebars.

You should not make any mistake while selecting a pair of mountain bike gloves. As mentioned earlier, the best bike gloves can provide you topmost biking experience. They can also keep you safe even when you splash through the mud on the side of a mountain or ride miles on paved roads.

How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike Gloves?

Cyclists always seek the best bike gloves because they want to get protection, additional grip, sweat control, support for controlling their bike, or just want to get solid padding for bumpy, longer rides. Several types of cycling gloves are available on the market.

Each one is used for a different style of riding. The below-mentioned considerations will surely help you to select the best MTB gloves as per your requirements.

A. Things To Consider 1: Material

When you select a pair of bike gloves, your primary consideration must be the material. The interior part of the gloves must be made by using a soft material, while waterproof material outside. Gloves with double layers on the palm are considered as the best bike gloves.

Soft materials are a part of gloves that directly touch your palm. Besides, the palm of the gloves should be covered with some rubber sports, which prevent slip. If possible, the outside part of your gloves must be waterproof. Otherwise, you should ensure to buy a pair of gloves that have at least back of the arms must be waterproof. This is essential for protecting your hands and keeping your gloves clean when you go for riding during rain.

B. Things To Consider 2: Design

The design is the second most important thing while selecting mountain bike gloves. The size of the gloves is also equally important. You should make sure that they are perfectly fit to your hands and style. From the previous explanations, you are aware that there are at least two types of styles you can select.

One is the full-finger gloves and the other is half finger gloves. Full finger gloves cover all your hands up to your finger tips and they come in sporty and mechanical designs. But, half finger gloves cover only half of your fingers. They are the best MTB gloves for those who want to ride in a tropical area or during a summer season.

C. Things To Consider 3 : Cycling Gloves that Fit

While purchasing cycling gloves, you should check how they fit. Even if you select an ideal glove that meets your needs perfectly, you will not get maximum benefit if it is not your right choice.

Cycling gloves should not be too loose or too tight, but they should be snug.

If they are loose, they move around that will cause chafing and blisters during a ride. Blood starts to move faster through your body when you engage in vigorous riding, which leads to swelling in your hand. Therefore, you should not purchase a pair of gloves that are too snug.

After sufficient usage and over time, most pairs of gloves start to fit the shape of your hand. Usually, you will get measurement chart from sellers that are helpful for matching the size of your hands with equivalent measurements of available sizes.

D. Things To Consider 4: Glove Padding

Generally, mountain bike gloves come with padding in palm area to protect your hands from continuous contact with bicycle handlebars. Biking makes you sweat, which further irritates your hands when you grip the handlebars. Most bike gloves will have texture on the side of the handlebar.

Therefore, you can grip more easily onto the bars. Nevertheless, some riders prefer gloves, which are made with less texture because they can reduce pressure on your hands. Although it depends on your style of riding and the duration you spend in the saddle. However, you should consider a variety of bike gloves, which helps you to make the best decision.

Making mountain biking as comfortable as possible is one of the greatest challenges of most cyclists. You can achieve it very easily by investing in a good pair of bike gloves.

E. Other Considerations

  • Pricing: you should also pay attention to the price of gloves. Your objective is to get the best mountain bike gloves.But, you have to purchase some other bike equipment such as clothes, helmets, shoes, etc.
    So, a price can be a hindering factor.

  • Glove Brands also have greater importance while purchasing bike gloves. You should always select gloves from popular and trusted brands. Gloves that are manufactured by special sports brands will have topmost quality. However, you can consider the gloves of several brands according to your budget and needs.

  • The gel is used in most good quality gloves that can provide you additional comfort. Gel also helps to absorb shock and prevent hand numbness.

  • Waterproof helps to prevent rain water from getting into your hands. So, you can stay dry even when you ride on rainy days.

  • Moisture wicking is the other topmost feature of a good quality bike glove. It prevents sweat from building up in your palms and hands.

  • Gloves, manufactured by using elastic materials, help to fit snuggly in your hands without slipping off from your hands.

  • Non-slip feature is the other peculiar feature of good quality bike gloves. This feature allows you extra traction when you hold on to handlebars.

See Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Gloves:

1. Zookki Cycling Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves Road Racing Bicycle Gloves Light Silicone Gel Pad Riding Gloves Touch Recognition Full Finger Gloves

Zookki Cycling Gloves are designed for providing support and comfortable compression for all sports lovers. Palm fabric of Zookki is hard wearing and skip-proof. The special thickening palm pad of Zookki helps to reduce shock on bump road effectively.

Silica gel palm pads are used in buffer layer as well as palm work. They are helpful for reducing the probability of skipping in riding and easing your palm fatigue. Finger pull-tab design and Velcro clasp allow you to wear and pull off the Zookki very easily.


  • Elasticized fabric; 
  • 3-dimentional tailoring; 
  • Breathable and moisture wicking;
  • Highly elastic; 
  • Light silicone gel pad;
  • Perfect for men and women; 
  • Comes with reflective piping on hand surface; 

2. Giro DND Gloves

When you wear Giro DND Gloves, you are treating your hands with technical features, and expert craftsmanship. The DND Super Fit design provides an enticing level of perfection. The 3 Super Fit panels can follow the natural contours of your palm expertly.

Giro DND offers a great fit with plenty of stretches in the upper fabric. It is durable, simple and perfect for riding trails, jumps, and anything else you enjoy. It is affordable, long lasting, and durable.


  • Good moisture wicking ability;
  • Breathable mesh;
  • Surface is highly absorbent microfiber;
  • Super Fit technology;
  • 3-panel design;
  • AX Suede Synthetic leather;
  • Silicone fingertip print;

3. Biking gloves or cycling gloves with sweat wicking ultra breathable fabric

The Climb TM gloves can be used for both mountain biking and cycling. It is made by using sweat-wicking ultra breathable fabric. It can provide you non-slip recognition grip on your palm. Shock absorbent gel padding technology is highly effective for minimizing pressure points.

You can also remove the gloves from your hand very easily and quickly. Gel padding helps to distribute pressure in weight bearing locations comfortably. You will get a more sensitive and acute feel on handlebars if you wear these gloves.


  • Offers great comfort and performance; 
  • Durable stitching; 
  • 3-dimentional tailoring; 
  • High-quality construction; 
  • Moisture wicking 4-way stretch; 
  • Comes with a highly absorbent microfiber; 
  • Help to make more precise movement; 
  • Help to control your bike effectively and effortlessly; 

4. Giro Xen Gloves

Giro designed Xen Gloves for those who consider mountain biking seriously. Though they are more expensive than most other models, they provide you plenty of protection and comfort. They have a full-finger design, which provides you a bit more protection when you ride through fields or dense forests.

To provide improved ventilation and prevent sweating, Giro Xen Gloves use a light mesh material. The model is available in 7 different patterns and colors.


  • Rubber-reinforced on/off strap; 
  • High-absorptive thump cover; 
  • Super Fit 3-piece; 
  • Sweat removing, breathable stretch inserts; 
  • Sweat removing, breathable stretch inserts; 
  • Synthetic leather with ventilation; 
  • Flat Velcro-closure; 
  • Silicon print at forefinger for better grip; 

5. Mountain Bike Gloves- Biking Cycling Fingerless Wheelchair Gloves

Scavor Mountain Bike Gloves are ideal for men, women, boys and girls. They are available in a fingerless wheelchair and full thumb half finger. So, they are perfect for mountain bike and road bicycle riding. Microfiber fabric of thumb helps to wipe sweat on your face quickly.

Breathable, moisture wicking mesh fabric keeps your hands dry all the day in summer. Velcro strap helps to wear and remove the gloves very easily.

Microfiber material makes the gloves light and soft. Purchasing Scavor Mountain Bike Gloves is risk-free because the manufacturer offers a 365-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with these gloves, you can return them back and you will get a full refund.


  • Offers best grip for riding;
  • Easy to ride;
  • No more glove orders; 
  • Money back guarantee;
  • Easy to wipe sweat;
  • Polyester; 
  • Light and soft; 
  • Keeps your hands dry even during hot season; 
  • Designed perfectly for riding bikes and cycles; 

Final Verdict: 

Best mountain bike gloves are essential for bike riders. Cycling in a mountainous area is entirely different from cycling in cities, where there are cycling tracks. You can protect your arms effectively if you wear a pair of gloves. It is also essential for controlling your bike perfectly.

Wearing the best bike gloves is also helpful for breaking a fall with your hands. Thus, you can prevent serious damages to other parts of your body. You can also throw your hands out in front of you to protect your body, which is an excellent survival response.

If you do not wear gloves, it will cause serious skin abrasion. You should include bike gloves in your list of biking accessories if you are routinely traveling long distances, susceptible to hand injuries, or simply need to wipe sweat from your brow during riding.

Cyclist palsy is a common health problem among mountain and road bikers. In simple meaning, palsy is the numbness of hands, which occurs when you ride a bike for a long time. It is the result of a nerve injury that causes difficulty with pinching and some other finger movements.

This problem occurs when you apply too much pressure to the sensitive nerves of your hand. Bike gloves are highly beneficial for absorbing shocks and pressure, which could lead to numbness. To prevent cyclist palsy, you should use the best mountain bike gloves with extra padding. We are sure, this guide will definitely help you to pick the best MTB gloves.

Is Not It? Really it Matters! A budget is everything in that case. Also, I have to mention that you have your budget but are not able to right the pick one or you are bit confused that which one should you buy?

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