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26″ Schwinn Sidewinder Women’s Mountain Bike Review

26 Schwinn Sidewinder Womens Mountain Bike Review

Mountain biking is a highly enjoyable sport. It offers you great benefits in terms of mental and physical health and well-being. Off-road biking is really challenging as well as highly adventurous too.

If you want to participate in this sport, you must have the best mountain bike. Schwinn has been manufacturing bikes since 1895. The company produces bikes for different purposes such as off-road, on-road, routing, casual, tandem rides and for work.

You can select either a hybrid bike or that offers only one function.
A hybrid bike helps you to ride on multiple terrains.

​Best Quality Construction of 26" Schwinn Sidewinder Women's Mountain Bike

​A steel frame is used for constructing the 26” Schwinn Sidewinder for women. Besides, it comes with aluminum alloy suspension, which can absorb shock from terrain effectively. Thus, you can make a smoother ride.

Besides, materials used for constructing 26” Schwinn Sidewinder are less prone to rust. Therefore, you can use your bike for several years without losing its beauty and functionality. The weight of this bike is around 41 pounds, so you can handle it very easily.

​Gears and Brakes

​You can expect top quality gear and brake if you purchase 26” Schwinn Sidewinder Women’s bike. This is helpful for making quick and easy gear changes. You can also do a smooth pedaling throughout your ride. You can stop your bike whenever necessary because of the best quality rear and front alloy brake. Controlled handling is possible because of Suntour suspension fork feature. It comes with 21 gears, so you can enjoy the best ride possible. 

You can also use this bike on different types of terrains including uneven and rough trails. It has alloy linear pull brakes, so you can stop it on a dime. Precise shifting is possible because of the availability of Shimano rear derailleur. You can also adjust the highly of the pedal because of quick release saddle.


​The price is the other impressive feature of 26” Schwinn Sidewinder Women’s bike. You can purchase this highly quality, highly functional mountain bike at an affordable cost. If you purchase this bike from a genuine shop, you will get a lifetime warranty on the frame.

​The company offers a one-year warranty on parts such as brake pads, grips, and saddle coverings.

​Frequently Asked Questions

  • ​Q: Who can use 26” Schwinn Sidewinder Women’s bike?

​A: This bike is designed for women mountain bikers. The color of this bike is also perfect for female riders. Matte black/pink is a favorable color of females. The height of this mountain bike is also small, so it is suitable for women riders. Height adjustable pedals offer you maximum comfort when you ride it.

  • ​Q: Can I assemble the bike easily?

​A: Yes, you can surely assemble this bike very easily because minimum assembling is required for this mountain bike. You can do it by reading the instruction manual carefully. The brake mechanism should be checked perfectly before riding this bike. Front wheel and handlebars should be placed appropriately.

  • ​Q: Do I get a proper warranty for this product?

​Yes, the manufacturer offers you a proper warranty for this item. So, you can confidently purchase this bike. You will also get the best customer service from Schwinn. Besides, the 26” Schwinn Sidewinder Women’s bike comes at an affordable price.

Pros and Cons


  • Front and rear brakes;
  • It offers wide gear range;
  • 21 speed Shimano, so you can change gears very easily;
  • Suspension fork helps to provide smooth bumps. The bike also allows you to control it in a better way;
  • Aluminum mountain frame geometry, so you can control it very easily;


  • It is free from annoying cons;

The Top women mountain biking tips to remember

Are you a woman and would love to ride a bicycle? When you know women mountain biking tips, you will be able to ride passionately while having fun. The following are the essential mountain biking tips, which will make that difference when riding:

  • What to wear when cycling?​

Comfortable and modern clothing is key! Why say this? You must ensure that you have some gloves and helmet before you can be in a position to ride a bicycle. In addition, padded shorts can help make your ride more comfortable. You may also like to have MTB shorts, a cycling jersey and kneepads are worth this investment.

  • What to bring when you want to ride?

You should ensure that you carry a bag with snacks and some water to maintain your levels of energy up and keeps you hydrated. Others things to bring along include tire levers, spare inner tube, and a pump in case you develop a puncture.

  • ​Check your levels of Fitness before you can start bicycling

​You must ensure that you train well before you can ride your bicycle if you want to improve your endurance. Why say this? It means that you won’t tire out muscles of your leg too quickly at the same time enjoying your ride.

  • ​What are the Techniques to use?

​The key to any great mountain biking is about being flexible and relaxed on your bike. The above means that you will be ready to move backward, forwards, and off the side. In addition, no road or commuter bike, where you just want to sit and spin.

​Here are the techniques that you can use:

  • ​Riding on the flat

​As you ride on a flat road, you should keep your pedals at a steady and uniform pace. It means that you will be able to enjoy your ride much easier.

  • ​Descending

​You can always stand up on pedals while keeping your legs and arms flexed; they will act as additional shock absorbers by soaking up bumps easily. In addition, you should keep your knees and elbows bent, body low while moving your hips back so they are above or slightly behind your saddle.

  • Climbing​

​While climbing, you should look ahead as you anticipate the incline while dropping into a very easy gear in a more advance. You can also drop your shoulders forward and low while pulling down and back when pedaling on the bars.

  • ​Cornering

​Control your speed on an oncoming corner while braking before the corner. You should get to a speed that you are comfortable with when rolling.

​In conclusion, the above are some of the best mountain biking tips that you should know as a woman if you want to enjoy yourself while riding your bicycle.

Final Verdict:

If you have the real passion for riding a mountain bike, 26” Schwinn Sidewinder Women’s bike comes with everything you are searching for a bike. The frame of this bike is highly agile and durable due to patented Schwinn frame.

The Suntour suspension fork allows you to make your ride extremely comfortable regardless of the terrain types. It also offers you 21 levels of speed. It also allows you to change gears from the comfort of your handlebars. With an objective to compete for the gear section smoothly, it has a rear derailleur.

The 26” Schwinn Sidewinder Women’s bike is extremely stable because of the 26-inch wheels. Thus, they provide you outstanding grip when you ride your bike. Besides, it has adjustable seat, so it is highly suitable for people with different height. You can stop this bike whenever you like because of alloy linear pull brakes.

The alloy rims of this bike are extremely light and strong. 

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The description of this women’s pink/black Schwinn Sidewinder does not answer my question. I wanna know if it’s killer hard to ride up steep hills or not? Detailed answer please

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